BSL Level 1

Introduction to BSL (unit 101)

Unit 101 is the first of three units that make up the full level 1 qualification in BSL.  An introduction to BSL can be used as a taster session, to prepare you for the full BSL Level 1, or to simply start you off in learning sign language.  Using Signatures Level 1 criteria - you can choose the 101 unit only which is ideal for frontline staff. Unit 101 consists of a maximum of 10 hours and can be delivered in  varying formats -   3 hours a week or even one 6 hour day with a two hour preparation and assessment.

Unit 101 enables candidates to use BSL in simple situations to introduce, produce and respond to basic communications.

Anyone can join unit 101 and we can deliver the training at your workplace for your convenience.

A certificate of attendance will be included and if desired assessments for 101 can be arranged.

Level 1 BSL 

This qualification is designed to teach learners to communicate with Deaf people in British Sign Language on a range of topics that involve simple, everyday language use. 

The course is divided in to three units each with their own assessments.

  • 101 - introduction to BSL
  • 102 -Conversation in BSL
  • 103 - BSL at school, college or Work

Entry Requirement:                     None, just enthusiasm!

Course Length:                            Intensive (contact the office for further details)

Venue:                                          TBC around Cardiff & South Wales

Fees:                                             £395 plus assessment fees



We are planning to run our next Level 1 intensive course this coming September 2014!

Dates are:


  1. 17th Sept 14
  2. 1st Oct 14
  3. 15th Oct 14
  4. 22st Oct 14
  5. 5th Nov 14
  6. 19th Nov 14
  7. 3nd Dec 14
  8. 17th Dec 14


Venue:       Cardiff

This format is ideal for those wishing to work within the deaf community and  need to  understand and use BSL in a short space of time.

Contact the office to register your interest.


Get in contact with us if you or your company would like a tailor made  course.