About Sarona Training

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Sarona was formed to unite two professionals and provide a deaf led service in Wales and the South West. Between Sarah Smith and Fiona Nicholson over twenty five years of teaching, training and mentoring experience has been gained in the BSL sector. We have worked all over Britain for several charities and businesses. By working together and sharing skills we provide a complete NVQ package to centres and venues. We are qualified Assessors, Internal Verifiers and teachers in the FE sector. We provide tailor made programmes to suit centres and individuals, in a classroom based setting or independently. We strive to use modern technology to reduce effects on the environment. Our skills will not only benefit our learners themselves but most importantly the deaf community as a whole.  

Sarona’s aim is to inspire and provide quality training and assessments in a fun and professional manner.



People often ask us where and why the name Sarona came about as it doesn't seem to reflect what we do. That is a very good question  as most companies would try and have a good clear brand name.  Many people already know us through our work and in good time the name Sarona will become a familiar one to many new clients.

A  mutual  friend of ours who is now a qualified interpreter came up with this....'thank you'.

Sarah + Fiona  = Sarona !



 Our values are to...:         

I    inspire     

N   nurture

S   support

P   perservere

I    improve   

R   respect

E   encourage